Friday, June 6, 2008

Z's Illustrated Journal

[15:43] <&Danei> no
[15:43] <&Danei> that would never be music
[15:43] <&Danei> because it's not music
[15:43] <&Danei> it falls outside the definition of music
[15:43] <+Lonsdale> oh but it is music
[15:43] <+Z> I have a pen on my desk
[15:43] <+Z> that's music, right?
[15:43] <+Z> right??
[15:43] <+Lonsdale> it falls in the definition of music as I define it, and the individual definition is all that matters
[15:43] <+Viscende> yes
[15:43] <+Lonsdale> only if you drop it over and over again z
[15:43] <+Z> I have many pens -- I conduct an orcheastra.
[15:44] <+Viscende> well done
[15:44] <+Viscende> your mother is so proud
[15:44] <&Danei> i think that people blinking their eyes is music

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